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Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards are solutions developing using standard Microsoft or Java frameworks using a single sign-on to seamlessly integrate with an enterprise solutions. Chimera's custom dashboard solutions are all about innovative data management and analytics that work for the client business. Chimera has developed dashboards for several divisions such as sales, marketing and finance. We have also developed dashboards for existing and legacy products.

When do you opt for Custom Dashboard Solutions?

Your enterprise should develop a custom dashboard when the off-the-shelf BI products fail to meet your needs in terms of presentation, ease of use, drill down capabilities and compare with thresholds. The ease of customization of a custom dashboard is an important factor. When enterprises choose to do a roll-out for a larger audience, a custom dashboard ends up a more viable option than bearing the huge licensing and renewal costs. In a period of 3-4 years, TCO is usually lowered by half when you opt for custom dashboard approach.

Business Benefits

Dashboards are an optimal means of disseminating key information to all decision makers within an organization. With effective dashboards in place, your organization will be in a position to confidently make both proactive and reactive decisions to ensure business success. Well-implemented dashboards will:

  • Assist divisions, groups, teams or individuals in adhering to strategic goals set by leadership
  • Bring agility to your organization by delivering timely information to users in decision-making roles
  • Facilitate the identification and elimination of resource and cost inefficiencies
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate the growing needs of your business..
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Client Testimonials

The professional relationship with Chimera has been beyond our expectations. I would like to congratulate you on your levels of customer service, as your support team are always quick to respond, and expertise.

Reinaldo. A. carvalho, CTO,

Phoenix Kiosk

Our entire experience with Chimera has been very positive and we are privileged to work with such an outstanding group of professionals

John Toman, Partner,

Acelo Solutions Inc.

We have been engaged with Chimera since 2008 and overall we have had a great customer experience! The support, flexibility and speed of response from team were exceptional.

Joanie Olivier, Executive Partner,

Iconitel Consulting Services Inc.

Their unconventional way of thinking has helped Orange solve several practical issues in the most efficient ways

Tom Clarke, Head of Connectivity Management Solutions,

Orange Business Service